Chi Chi Baked Eyeshadows ♡ Review & Swatches

Hello there!

I love looking for eyeshadow palettes way too much, but sometimes there’s just that one colour you really want for your collection and for this, individual eyeshadows are great! I recently picked up these two Chi Chi baked eyeshadows and am super impressed with the colour range and quality. I’ve been wanting a deep maroon, plum shade shade to do a smokey eye with for ages particularly since I have green eyes, and purple/plum shades complement green eyes really well. And after swatching ‘Rock with you’, I knew I wanted more and found ‘Beautiful Day’ which is a lovely every-day lid shade. IMG_0429Shades: ‘Rock with you’ (burgundy plum) & ‘Beautiful Day’ (shimmery champagne)

I love pretty much everything about these shadows…the quality, colour choice and the price! I was super impressed with the quality of these eyeshadow, they are creamy and very richly pigmented. Even though I’ve tried ‘baked‘ eyeshadows before and that this usually means the eyeshadow is baked on a tile in the sun, I was curious as to how these ones were made, and found that they are actually baked in Italy on a terracotta disk and then pressed into the little palette. With baked eyeshadows you can use them dry for a sheer finish and wet for a rich, high pigmentation, however with these ones I haven’t found the need to use water and apply them wet as they are so pigmented on their own!

For best application I like to use my finger rather than a brush! I apply the eyeshades to my lid with my finger, and then use a brush to blend it out. These two shades are gorgeous and very versatile, they would suit a range of skin tones and I love using them when I want shadows that are rich & pigmented.

Chi Chi Cosmetics is also cruelty-free with no animal testing!

Swatches (dry)


Rock with you‘: I love this shade to use on the entire lid for evening makeup looks, and also in the crease to blend out. It is beautiful on it’s own, and I also love applying this to the lower lash line to smoke out my bottom lashes.

Beautiful Day‘: this eyeshadow is beautiful and very versatile, you can apply it on the entire lid for the daytime, or use it as an inner-corner/brow bone highlight. I have also recently discovered that this works amazingly as a face highlighter, particularly on the cheekbones!

They retail for $14.95 however you can usually find them on sale (especially at Myer) and I bought mine for $11.20. For this price I love that you get a lot of product, and compared to my MAC, Makeup Geek and Urban decay individual eyeshadows, these are by far the largest! I also love the names of the eyeshadows, they are really unique with names like ‘If I could turn back time’, ‘Living on a Prayer’ & ‘Girl’s Just Wanna have Fun’.


highly pigmented colour & quality: you only need to apply a small amount for rich colour, and the eyeshadows are creamy in texture rather than chalky like some baked eyeshadows

lots of product: the size of these individual eyeshadows are great as they are much larger than individual shadows from other companies such as MAC or Makeup Geek, with a very similar quality

colour range: there are 24 shades to choose from, ranging from matte highlight shades to rich, shimmery blues, browns and greens


availability: If you live in Australia Chi Chi products are sold in Myer, Target and a range of retail stores. However for overseas customers, there is a shipping fee until you spend $100.

These are great for every day eyeshadows but I really recommend them for if you’re searching for a particular colour like I was and don’t need an entire new palette – then these eyeshadows are perfect as they are amazing quality, have a great colour range and will last you ages!

If you try these little beauties let me know in the comments below! ♥


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