A better night’s sleep ♡

Hello there!

During the last year, I’ve noticed myself not only getting less sleep but also not sleeping as well! This has affected everything, from my mood and energy levels to my appetite. We all know how important sleep is not only to our appearance but also to our wellbeing, but I still let my little bad habits get in the way. These last few weeks I’ve begun to find the little things that are stopping me from falling asleep and sleeping well, and after small adjustments I am happy to say that I’ve never slept better!

So here are the little things I learnt along the way to help you have a better night’s sleep!


What you do

The biggest mistake I have made is to use technology before going to bed. Whether it be watching YouTube videos on my laptop or scrolling through Instagram, not only does the harsh light make my eyes sore before bed but it actually makes it harder to fall asleep. Further research led me to discover the science behind the effect of technology, and multiple articles all suggest that the light your technological devices shines actually confuses your brain’s secretion of melatonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for making you ‘sleepy’!

Having seen the effects first hand, I highly recommend limiting the time you spend on your phone, laptop or even watching tv directly before bed (research actually suggests switching off all devices two hours before bed!). Instead, opt for reading a book, taking a bath, applying a face mask, meditating or writing in a diary – find something you can do that is relaxing and calming! Often it can be winding down our busy thoughts that keeps us awake, and these activities definitely help.

However if you can’t help switching off that phone, try listening to relaxing music or watching videos which are calming (meditation!).

Light up your room with some scented candles and dim-lighting, creating a warm and calming atmosphere perfect for ‘winding down’. I know this has made such a difference for me, after turning off technology and either reading or taking a bath, as soon as I hop into bed I am immediately more tired and fall asleep more quickly (and stay asleep!)

What you eat

What you eat particularly in the evening is so important to a good’s night’s sleep. Not only what you eat but also when you eat, really does affect how ‘awake’ you feel!

Foods to avoid/eat less of: I find eating sugary processed food such as chips, ice-cream, chocolate, or even fruit high in fructose can actually keep me awake for hours, unable to fall asleep! If I am eating fruits like raspberries, mango and especially grapes – I try to eat them a few hours before bed to let the sugar process (these fruits are amazing for you and although it is a good form of sugar, perhaps just not before bed!)

If you are looking for a snack closer to bedtime, try a cup of tea, glass of milk, or fruit that isn’t too high in sugar, so your

I’ve also found eating dinner earlier can improve my night’s sleep, as by the time I go to bed the food has processed and I’ve used up more of the energy!

Extra tips ♡

Some extra techniques I like to use when I am really stressed or finding it hard to sleep, is to use lavender oil or natural sleep remedies. A couple of drops of lavender oil on your pillow is a great simple way to improve ‘sleepiness’, it smells lovely and is super calming.

So go and get your beauty sleep, and comment below your top tips for a better night’s sleep! ♥

June Favourites ♡

Hello there!

Can you believe it’s already July? While this means I am one month closer to my final exams and we are almost half way through 2015, the one fun thing about the ending of June is it’s time to reflect back on some favourites…and this month I fell in love with some real beauties.

IMG_04751. Batiste ‘Tropical’ Dry Shampoo – For those days when you’re hair is looking a little flat or feeling a little greasy, this dry shampoo smells absolutely amazing (think coconuts and tropical fruit) and does a great job at removing shine and giving hair texture and volume.

2. Maybelline ‘Fit Me’ Concealer in ‘Fair’ (15) – I finally got around to trying this concealer, and after hearing it’s a sure dupe for the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, I have to admit I am impressed! I have been using this every day now to cover darkness underneath the eyes, blemishes and any redness on my cheeks, and while the coverage is great I have to admit my favourite thing about this product is the texture…it’s so creamy!

3. L’oreal ‘Miss Manga’ Mascara in ‘All Black’ – this mascara is incredible! I cannot believe I have swapped out my Maybelline’s ‘The Falsies’ for this mascara this month, but it’s formula creates the most amazing long, thick lashes which really open up your eyes. The bendy wand curls and lifts your lashes for that curled lash effect.

4. Calvin Klein ‘IN2U for Her’ Perfume – Now that’s it’s coming into colder weather in Australia, I like to switch up my perfume for something less ‘fruity’ and sweet, and I have been loving this CK scent of sugar orchid, pink grapefruit, amber and vanilla. The scent is fresh, woody whilst still being just sweet enough (and an added bonus is it’s longevity…it lasts all day!)

5. TYPO pink mini cactus – TYPO seriously has the most amazing room decor! I love this little pink faux cactus, which sits on my bedside table to add colour and some quirkiness. In June I decided to change up my room decor and incorporate a pink and blue colour scheme, and this little cactus was definitely my favourite piece!

6. Karyn in La Moonstone Crystal Necklace – I have been wearing this necklace all of June with literally every outfit. It’s perfect for both high-neck skivvies and low-cut tops, adding a boho vibe!

7. Too Faced ‘Shadow Insurance Primer’ – I received this eyeshadow primer with my Too Faced ‘Sexy Eyes’ palette and will definitely be repurchasing! It has a silicone feel which mattifies the eyelid making the eyeshadows you place on top last all day and night!  It also prevents creasing and has a slight tint which removes discolouration from the lid!

Let me know what you’ve been loving this month in the comments below! ♥