Night Time Skin Care Routine ♡

Hello there!

There is nothing more important when it comes to beautiful skin than taking good care of it, particularly at the end of a long day. No matter how late it is at night, I always recommend properly removing all your makeup and using a skin care routine to cleanse and nourish your skin (even if you don’t wear makeup daily, a skin care routine is still important to remove daily oil and dirt). Finding the right products for you and a skin care routine that works can sometimes be a process of trial and error, however by looking through reviews and recommendations I find you can narrow down the selection and try products which other people with similar skin have loved. I have been loving this night-time skin care for the past couple of months as it has not only cleared up my skin, but also improved redness and left it nourished and glowing.

Skin Care Products 

IMG_0114Makeup Removal: the first thing I do is take the Perfect Potion ‘Rose Petal makeup remover’ and use this to remove my eye-makeup. I pump a pea-sized amount of this onto a damp cotton pad and hold this onto my eye for 20 seconds – this way I’m not rubbing my eyes and stretching the skin. I love this, as not only does it contain lovely ingredients which smell amazing including jojoba and rosehip oils, but it also removes even the toughest water-proof makeup without irritating my eyes.

Exfoliation: I like to exfoliate my skin at least three times a week, and since my skin is quite sensitive I love to use this Sukin ‘Revitalising Facial Scrub’. It’s super gentle with a creamy formula of bamboo extract and ground walnut shells to lightly exfoliate, and aloe vera, chamomile and rose hip oil to replenish and nourish.

Cleansing: To remove the base of my makeup and cleanse my skin I use the L’occitane ‘Angelica cleansing gel’, which creates a lovely lather and does a great job of removing all my makeup. I only need to use two pumps of this for my whole face, and I find this cleanser perfect for my oily to combination skin, as it’s strong enough to remove makeup but still gentle enough to not irritate my skin or leave it feeling dry.

Toning: To remove any leftover makeup and give my skin a final clean, I use a spray of the L’occitane ‘Gentle Toner’ which is an alcohol-free toner with Shea extract and orange blossom waters. I spray this onto a cotton pad and gently wipe my face, avoiding the eye area. It is lovely and gentle, and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and clean.

Moisturising: My favourite part of my skin care routine is moisturising, as I love the way it hydrates my skin leaving it soft and nourished. I use the L’occitane ‘Angelica Hydra Vital cream’, which is a light moisturiser that absorbs very quickly. Since I have oily to combination skin, I prefer to use a lighter moisturiser that isn’t too rich. Even if you have oily skin, moisturising is still extremely important to not only nourish the skin, but to actually help fight shine and the production of too much oil. Applying drying products can lead your skin to actually produce more oil, so a light moisturiser is important to balance oil and prevent shine.

This skincare routine takes roughly 5 minutes, and always leaves my skin always feeling lovely and clean afterwards. While I love trying new skincare products, these are definitely my favourites especially since most of them are made from natural ingredients that don’t irritate my sensitive skin.

Let me know your favourite skin care products below! ♥